How do I complete an RMA once a number is issued to me?

Once the OCZ support staff issues your RMA number, you are responsible for the following:

◦Customer is responsible for shipping charges TO our facility only. OCZ will pay for RETURN shipping.
◦RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the package. Please mark at least two sides of the packaging.
◦Please use good discretion when packaging your return items so we can ensure damage was not incurred during shipping. Please place flash products in an anti-static bag with several inches of soft packing around the entire drive.

◦Customers may hand-return the product to one of our nearby RMA locations. This must be arranged beforehand with one of our service representatives, as we cannot accept packages without an assigned RMA number.

◦RMA numbers are only valid for 30 days from date of issue. It is in this time frame that you must ship back your defective product to OCZ . Tickets are "resolved" if no additional comments are added after six days. Your support ticket number is NOT the same as your RMA number, so if your support ticket has been closed or resolved, this does not mean your RMA is not being processed. Please reply to your ticket and reference your assigned RMA number if you wish to add additional comments or get more information.

◦If you have additional concerns about an RMA or your product, please reference them in your support ticket and our support staff will do what they can to streamline the process for you. The ticketing process will provide you with the necessary updates on the progress of your RMA, or call one of our toll-free help lines for assistance.

For Advanced Warranty Program RMAs, you simply attach the provided return label to the packaging and then give the package to any available UPS facility.

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