Where can I ship my product for RMA processing?

Toshiba has several global locations where OCZ SSD RMAs are received and processed. Once your receive an RMA number, you can ship your replacement to the closest location we have available for your region, or simply hand-carry your RMA to our nearest location (must be arranged with support staff beforehand). Advance shipments or cross-shipment are granted at the sole discretion of Toshiba.

US/Americas RMAs (Contracted Receiving Facility)
Toshiba Memory America, Inc. c/o
Healthlink International  Inc.
3655 Knight Rd.
Suites 1-3
Memphis, Tennessee, 38118

EMEA RMAs (Contracted Receiving Facility)
Base Logistics B.V.
Port of Moerdijk
Logistic Boulevard 5
4791 VC  Klundert
Russia RMAs (Contracted Receiving Facility)
Toshiba Attn. OCZ RMA Department
Podrezkovo District
Ultisa Centralnaya, 2/5
141446, Khimki City, Mocsow Region

Taiwan RMAs (Contracted Receiving Facility)
Toshiba Attn. OCZ RMA Department 
No.57 Yuanhang Rd. 
Dayuan Dist. 33742 
Taoyuan City 

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