Help! SSD Utility or CLOUT can’t find my SATA drive?

This can have one of the following reasons: 

- Your drive is an older Legacy product that isn't compatible to SSD Utility or CLOUT

- Your SATA/SAS controller is running in RAID mode. OCZ tools require AHCI mode to work properly. IDE may allow for a drive to be detected but won’t allow updating the firmware or performing a Secure Erase

- You’re using an older or exotic AHCI driver for a 3rd party controller (Marvell®, LSI®, etc.). Please update your AHCI driver or roll back to MSAHCI by uninstalling the manufacturer’s AHCI driver

- Your drive isn’t connected to an internal SATA/SAS port. OCZ SSD software will not work with drives that are connected via some kind of adapter or dock, such as SATA to USB, SATA to FireWire, etc.

- You're using a HBA (Host-Bus-Adapter) or RAID controller that doesn't support SATA/SAS Passthrough. This is required for OCZ software to properly communicate with a drive.

If none of this worked for you, please get in touch with our support team which will gladly assist you.

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