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How do I create a Bootable SSD Utility USB drive in Windows®?

Some drives and configurations may require a bootable SSD Utility environment for drive maintenance and updating. To create a bootable SSD Utility USB drive in Windows®, please download SSD Utility for Windows®
Once downloaded, installed, and opened, please navigate to the "Maintenance" tab and click "Bootable SSD Utility" in the left panel.

Connect a USB drive (512MB+ capacity will be sufficient). Select the drive from the USB drive list and click "Create". Confirm that you understand the warning regarding your USB drive being erased by clicking "OK". 

The necessary files to create the bootable USB drive are now being downloaded and transfered to your USB drive. This may take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection and your USB drive's performance.

Once finished, the USB drive can be booted from to utilize the bootable SSD Utility environment.

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