How do I clone my HDD's content to my SSD in Mac OS X®?

This article describes cloning drives using Mac OS X® Disk Utility. You will need a bootable Mac OS X® DVD or USB drive to proceed.

Make sure the Mac OS X® DVD/USB drive is connected and your Mac is shut off. When starting your Mac, press and keep pressing Command + R when you hear the boot sound. Keep the buttons pressed until you see the Apple logo, then release the keys. Your Mac now booted the Mac OS X® Recovery mode.

From here, choose "Disk Utility".
OS X Disk Utility

A list of connected drives is displayed on the left side. VTR150 240GB is the source drive holding the OS in this scenario, the target drive is ASMT 256GB (an SSD in a USB enclosure). At first, you need to format the new drive. Use the 1 partition layout, click ‘Options’ and choose ‘GUID Partition Table.’ Then hit Apply to confirm the changes.
choose clone source

To start the actual cloning process, click the source drive and navigate to "Restore". Make sure that the "Source" is indeed your old OS drive. Then, drag and drop the freshly formatted target drive into the "Destination" field.
choose clone target

After the process has finished, shut down your Mac and replace your original drive with the new SSD.

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