How do I format my USB drive after I used it for bootable SSD Utility?

When creating a bootable SSD Utility USB drive, the available capacity of the drive will appear much lower than it usually is. This particular drive is originally 8GB in size, but would appear as 255MB drive only.

Drive properties

To resolve this on a Windows® system, please click start, type cmd, right-click on it and "Run as Administrator". Once opened, please run:


In Diskpart, use:

lis dis

This will list the drives in the system. Identifiy your USB drive, in this case it's disk 1. Run the following command to select your USB drive (WARNING: choosing a wrong drive will cause data loss!):

sel dis X
Example: sel dis 1

To clean the partition table, run the following command:


run command

After that, the partition table of your USB drive will be reset and can be formatted again with it's full capacity.

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