Can you recover data from my SSD in case of a RMA?

No, unfortunately this is impossible. If a customer is unable to access the data stored on their SSD, so is OCZ. OCZ doesn't have the facilities necessary to recover data from faulty or dead SSD drives. If you wish to obtain data recovery services prior to sending us your faulty SSD for a RMA, please get in touch with DriveSavers®.

DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc. is a leading provider of fast, reliable and secure data recovery for all types of SSD. They are the only SandForce Trusted™ data recovery partner, and work with other controller and NAND flash manufacturers to resolve unique issues and recover important user data.

DriveSavers offers specialized services for OCZ customers providing professional data recovery solutions at a discounted rate, while maintaining the original manufacturer’s warranty. Special benefits include FREE evaluations, FREE shipping options, special discounts, HIPAA compliance, and SOC II type II security audits on request.

To get in touch with DriveSavers, please use any of the following methods:

Toll-free number: 1.800.440.1904
Free data recovery quote:

International number: 1-415-382-2000
International toll free numbers:

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