Why is my drive no longer recognized in SSD Utility after I updated the software?

SSD Utility up until version 3.1.3270 supported a wide range of legacy drives. Version 3.2.3303 and newer do not support legacy SSDs. If you wish to use SSD Utility for your legacy SSD, please install version 3.1.3270.

Version 3.1.3270 compatible products: ARC 100, RC100, RD400/400A, RevoDrive 350, TL100, Trion 100/150, TR150, TR200, Vector, Vector 150/180, Vertex 450/460/460A, VT180, VX500, Deneva 2, Saber 1000, Intrepid 3600/3700/3800, Z-Drive 4500, Z-Drive 6000/6300, ZD6000/63000, etc.

Version 3.2.3303 compatible products: RC100, TR200, XS700, TL100, RD400

Both current and older, legacy-compatible versions of SSD Utility are available for download on the SSD Utility download site.

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